leather & craft

yes, it is pure 24kt gold infused leather

There's no plating, covering or coating. Mi Piaci uses an innovative patented technology called Precious Surface that deposits pure 24 kt gold into a surface, such as leather, silk or fur, leaving the texture of the material unaltered. Gold, the most noble metal, becomes fluffy like fur, smooth like leather and soft like silk. The result of years of the most advanced technological research and a huge passion for luxury.

The process begins directly from the gold bullion slabs. The atom of gold blends with the surface of the materials, creating a unique product that has never appeared on the market before.

guaranteed to be 24kt leather

All Mi Piaci products come with a certificate of authenticity from SGS, the well known independent Swiss company. Consequently all Mi Piaci products are guaranteed to be 24 kt gold.


Mi Piaci uses leathers from the finest tanneries in Italy. All Mi Piaci products have been manufactured with 24 kt gold, consequently they have to be treated as jewels. Likewise, it is manufactured in selected facilities, based on their specific strengths and handcraft abilities.

The company has developed demanding standards for its materials and craftsmanship, and its experienced team of designers work diligently to ensure the highest standards.

natural hides, veins and markings

The leathers used to craft the products have natural variations, specifically chosen to enhance the authentic characteristics inherent in each product of Mi Piaci. The leather is the result of a careful selection, therefore some defects, for instance creases, shading and color irregularities that could even appear after years should be considered natural features of the leather.

The leather should be kept away from grease products, water (rain included), sun and any other weather conditions. In order to maintain the characteristics of the product we recommend not using self-shining products, sprays or similar products.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the manufacturing of Mi Piaci products.